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Remigiusz Augusiak
dr hab. inż. prof. CTP PAS

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npj Quantum Inf
Nov. 18, 2023

No graph state is preparable in quantum networks with bipartite sources and no classical communication

New J. Phys.
June 1, 2023

Scalable Bell inequalities for graph states of arbitrary prime local dimension and self-testing

Phys. Rev. Applied
March 13, 2023

Self-Testing of any Pure Entangled State with the Minimal Number of Measurements and Optimal Randomness Certification in a One-Sided Device-Independent Scenario

Research grants

Narodowe Centrum Nauki
VERIfication of quantum Technologies, Applications and Systems
April 1, 2022
March 31, 2024
Narodowe Centrum Nauki
Characterization and certification of quantum resources
Sept. 1, 2020
Aug. 31, 2025
Foundation for Polish Science
Self-testing protocols for multipartite quantum states
May 7, 2018
Jan. 29, 2022


Quantum Information


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