Computational Cosmology
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Narodowe Centrum Nauki
COLAB: COsmic LAboratory for Baryons and dark matter
Sept. 1, 2021
Aug. 31, 2025
Narodowe Centrum Nauki
PACIS: Precision and Accuracy for Cosmological Imaging Surveys
April 1, 2021
March 31, 2026
Narodowe Centrum Nauki
LUSTRE - Local UniverSe Testing gRavity and dark Energy
Aug. 31, 2020
Aug. 30, 2024
Ministry of Education and Science
Taniec galaktyk: testowanie Teorii Względności i jej alternatyw przy wykorzystaniu pól prędkości galaktyk
July 23, 2018
Sept. 3, 2019
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Andrzej Sawicki
The Project is financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange under the Foreign Promotion Programme